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S first shared their experience with On The Move, Tinada Youth Organization & Mental 360. They are working to raise awareness and create support systems for those living with mental health conditions in Kenya as well as advocating for their rights. Like us, they believe sharing stories breaks down the barriers that makes seeking help hard.

S. I 33 I Embakasi District


S. was diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder. “I can’t remember what happened but I used to drink a lot of alcohol. The day I was admitted I had been assaulted by a police officer and a violent episode ensued.” His family knows about his condition and “they have been as supportive as they can.”

But his life has still changed: “My condition has inhibited my speech. I cannot even work because I keep having disruptive hand tremors. I cannot earn an income.” S. also realized that some people are afraid of him because they think that he is violent. But he also wants everyone to know:


“My story could be anybody’s story. Do not discriminate against people with mental illness.”