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T first shared their experience with On The Move, Tinada Youth Organization & Mental 360. They are working to raise awareness and create support systems for those living with mental health conditions in Kenya as well as advocating for their rights. Like us, they believe sharing stories breaks down the barriers that makes seeking help hard.

  1. I 45 I Nyando District


was diagnosed with a mood disorder in 2008. She still remembers how her symptoms started: “I became violent all of a sudden in 1980. I fluctuated between intervals of happiness and aggression. I was prayed for but it did not work.” And yet T. did not receive immediate medical attention. It was only in 2008 that she was taken to hospital and diagnosed. Her niece R states: “My aunt’s disease is a weight to the family. She wanders off during her episodes and is unable to take care of herself or do anything.” T. is saddened that she cannot take care of herself, her home or her children while she is sick: “My children have had to stay and grow up with relatives.” She adds: “Some people do not understand that some of the things I do are out of illness. They beat me.”


“I’m only human. I wish people could see this!”