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Profate Comedy

My name is Profate Comedy and I am 25-years old, living in Kibera.  I perform in the streets and in shows but because of COVID there have been less opportunities.  I’ve been doing this for 4 years.  I made my outfit by collecting old soda bottle caps from shops in Kibera, drilling a hole with a nail and hammer and sewing them to my clothes.  It took me 6 months to make it.  Sometimes I would stop because I would injure my fingers with the sewing needle and wait until they healed before starting again.  There are 2135 bottle caps on my outfit.


Kibera has mad talent – we have rusty roofs but not rusty brains.  We have that power.  I am using my comedy to create some impact in my community, especially the youth.  In my comedy, I talk about trending social issues, speaking in Swahili so that people can understand.


There is a lot of stress and depression in Kibera – people can’t pay the rent, there is unemployment, teenage pregnancy, high school drop outs, drug use.  I have experienced a lot of stress but I have taken problem management classes to help myself.  I also work as a community health volunteer.  When I have a lot of stress, I just help people and it makes me feel better.  I counsel youths and single mothers especially. 


Laughter is a good medicine for mental health.  Most of my fans are single mothers.  When I post my comedy, the women tell me it helps them smile.  I’m their hero.  St. Francis of Assisi has a prayer that says “Make me an instrument of your peace….where there is sadness let me bring joy”.  That is what I bring. 


My dream is to be successful and use my comedy so that I can change my life, get out of the ghetto and be a good example, to show people here that they can make it.  


View Profate Comedy’s YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnrfTP77dbjstZB1TS2p8zQ