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B first shared their experience with On The Move, Tinada Youth Organization & Mental 360. They are working to raise awareness and create support systems for those living with mental health conditions in Kenya as well as advocating for their rights. Like us, they believe sharing stories breaks down the barriers that makes seeking help hard.

I 26 I Nyando District


was diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder and schizoaffective disorder. He recalls: “I got to a point where I did not want to see anyone in front of me. I was very violent.” His mother knew about his illness and was very concerned. She brought him to hospital and visited him when she could. This love helped him recover! “I am now a changed man. I hope that I can live a healthy life from here now on. The

doctor told me that my situation is brought about by my alcohol use. I stopped.”


“Avoid alcohol and drugs. Prevention is better than cure!”