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When I think of myself, I see a very strong woman.

I see that type of strength you are given when you have no choice but to be strong.

Many think that, in 2020 with all that have been done for the cause, trans people have normal life.

That’s not totally true.

Meanwhile our situation had infact improved from the past decades, still people are not really opened about people who chance their sex assigned at birth.

I live in italy and still being trans is considered the last consideration of being a human being.

When I first started my transition, 3 year ago, I knew it from the very beginning that being totally myself would have mean to sacrifice everything that concern a normal life: love, friendship and most importantly people’s respect.

What I had in mind became reality when I come out and all the people I knew abandoned me, I found myself isolated and, most importantly, for the first time in my life I had to face stigma.

But right in that specific, very hard and difficult time I decided that people’s hate will not win over me: their attidute will not ruin my own self.

a very important aspect of the transition its mental health. Infact, two very different journey take place in the life of someone who is changing the sex assignment at birth: one its the personal transition, the other one its the social transition. 

Social transition its a very delicate and Har process to go through, since you have no power in controlling how people will react to you and how they will treat you. 

This put mental health at high risk: isolation,disappointment, hate and prejudices put trans people mental health at a high risk. 

For the most part of my transition I took this very importantly, because trans people have no defence against hate expect for the strength of their mind, so I seek for help: professional help help me in maintain my mind strong, in a state of positivity that will make me understand that I have no power on how people will treat me BUT I have the power in how I treat myself. Giving me responsibility for people’s hate will only hurt me. 

And people do not deserve all this power

I decided to remain confidence, with an open heart and, most importantly, happy.

I knew that society would never acept me, no matter how much of a good person I was, so I decide that I don’t needed society approve to love myself and to be a good person. That’s what’s matter.

I’m speaking for all the people who don’t have my same strength and are struggling: you have the strength to do whatever you want.

You have that. It’s my duty to support others like me and so I became a trans activist and put my talent first and became the biggest trans fashion illustrator in the world.

You can do it guys.