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My story starts off in high school where I was living with serve anxiety and depression. My anxiety and overthinking would affect every aspect of my life making it so difficult that I could not function. I was only diagnosed with anxiety and depression in college and started seeing a regular therapist. There I received support to grow stronger and learn how to thrive with a mental health diagnosis.

“The worst part of assault was having people in my life doubt me because I drank alcohol, what I wore and if I put the ‘wrong message’ out there.” Annie

A year after this, I was sexually assaulted by one of my close friends in college. I felt so discouraged because I reached the lowest I have ever felt. The PTSD caused me to have frequent panic attacks from random physical touch and seeing his teammates around campus. The worst part of assault was having people in my life doubt me because I drank alcohol, what I wore and if I put the “wrong message” out there. When I would feel comfortable telling my story to some of my friends, their response was ‘But its him. He would never do that’. I felt very alone and ended up doubting my own story. Soon into the semester, I was failing a lot of my classes and realized how awful my mental health was. I knew that my mental health should be one of the most important priorities in my life so I decided to take a semester off to focus on the next steps of my life. I went to therapy weekly and focused on self care as I was processing a traumatic situation. I am so thankful I had my family and my friends there for me. Because of this time and support, I am happier, healthier, am at a school where I thrive, and have had the best mental health since I can remember.

I wanted to tell my story because people make us feel like we are not enough and doubt the struggles we go through. We are important and our stories matter even others cannot understand. Our health should be one of the most important priorities of our lives and we deserve time to focus on our self care. I also am telling my story to show that one event will never define us but is just apart of our journey. Taking the time to find the support you need, will help you find happiness.