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S first shared their experience with On The Move, Tinada Youth Organization & Mental 360. They are working to raise awareness and create support systems for those living with mental health conditions in Kenya as well as advocating for their rights. Like us, they believe sharing stories breaks down the barriers that makes seeking help hard.

  1. I 23 I Nyando District


  1. was diagnosed with depression early 2018. Before he was diagnosed, he was a student studying electrical work, going about his everyday life. “One day I went to work and my brain went blank. I sat down and for a while could not speak or recognize myself. I am overwhelmed by this constant feeling of

sadness. I cannot go back to school or work because I am still sick. This saddens me more,

because I cannot take care of myself physically and economically.” S.’s family was saddened

and concerned by his condition. They asked themselves: What did he do to deserve this? What did he take? Was he bewitched? “A few of my friends are supportive. Some no longer call me. My social contacts have reduced as I talk less nowadays, and I feel that fewer people understand me. I trust God that my treatments will help me get better so that I can live the productive life I once led.”


“I will beat this thing.”