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Z first shared their experience with On The Move, Tinada Youth Organization & Mental 360. They are working to raise awareness and create support systems for those living with mental health conditions in Kenya as well as advocating for their rights. Like us, they believe sharing stories breaks down the barriers that makes seeking help hard.

  1. I 19 I Nyando District


  1. was diagnosed with epilepsy and later schizophrenia. According to his mother S., he had his first

epileptic seizure at 3 years of age. “I took him to hospital and shared with health personnel. They said that nothing was wrong with him. I felt discouraged and misunderstood, because I knew that something

was wrong with my son.” K.: “Sometimes I am sitting or doing something then I fall down, and when I come to, I have no recollection of anything.” His family was bitter when they found out that K. was sick.

They could not understand what or why he was sick. His mother: “My son could not even relate well with other children due to his speech impairment. This was hard on me as a parent.”


“I have only one wish, to go to school. I want to go to school and be a normal kid!”