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Cannabis and mental health; 


by Geoffrey William.


Speaking for myself on this topic, cannabis has been a very important stepping stone in my life. It was a tool I used quite extensively for a handful of years. I no longer partake in the recreational use of it anymore, as Timothy Leary once put it, “when you get the message, hang up the phone.”


I feel this plant has the power to transform thought. It has allowed me the opportunity to expanded my consciousness, my understanding of the natural order of life, and a lens to the practice of Zen in all my motions.

Cannabis has allowed me moments to sit and contemplate alternative philosophies, different perspectives, intricate ways of doing. This plant has redirected my aim, pointing me to a more sustainable, loving approach in life.


When I relate this to mental health, there has been a total reset I’d say. I no longer handle issues I am having with the bullheaded, ego approach I use too. It has pointed me in the direction of such a different lifestyle and thought, that I can not even compare the two mental states.


As far as instant results with mental health and cannabis, I have found this brings on a reset of the moment, grounding you and your emotions, ushering in the perspective of forgiveness, bringing a feeling of love and relaxation. It has greatly helped me get pass my feelings of stress and anxiety, also anger and frustration, because of this “renewing” ability it provides. Allowing to clear the mind of emotional baggage to see things from another angle. It brings on forgetfulness, and maybe when it comes to anger, forgetfulness can be a good thing sometimes.


Cannabis however is a form of training wheels I’d say. Perhaps not to be used for too long, to often, and always relied on. This tool can be abused, and can cause a negative effect to mental health, causing a dependence and depression, feelings I definitely struggled with during my years of use. I had noticed my lack of patience when I was not using the plant because I would normally go to it whenever I needed a problem fixed. I built a second version of myself, my stoned self, while forgetting to maintain my sober self, allowing that mental muscle to get soft.


I would recommend using it with caution, It is a very powerful entheogen, set and setting are important. It has the power to cause great realization but also the power to destroy many aspects in life. That being said I would not lie by saying this herb seemed to play the biggest role in my spiritual transformation. Tearing down many parts in my life seemed to act in a positive way, allowing the space to rebuild better and stronger. For me this guide led me to better prepare my sails for the winds of Natural Law, setting me up for success by understanding the way to navigate life.


Peace and Blessings to you on your journey to discovery.