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“Putting on makeup is a therapy and a powerful Tool for my selfcare.”

“I have been going through emotional breakdowns, anxiety and panic attacks, but I am coping now. I am trying to reach out to my family and calling my friends and being able to stand with those who I can manage to go and spend some time with while practicing and limiting my social interactions which are really quite trying during these uncertain times.”

“My name is Francheska from Nairobi Kenya.

 Kenya fronts a progressive constitution since 2010 however homophobic Laws within its penal code in section 162 and 165 create  a conducive environment for human rights violations against people who do not conform to heterosexuality.


To counter these challenges,I use drag culture which is an underground LGBTQ subculture  that originated in Newyork  United States,in 1920s and 30s  in which people “walk” (i.e., compete) for trophies, prizes, and glory at events known as balls. Attendees dance, vogue, walk, pose, evaluate and support one another in one or more of the numerous drag and performance competition categories. Through this form of Art my friends and I kenyanized it   and established a queer social space for young queer folks therefore creating an avenue for wellbeing,enhancing self agency and support each other  through creative musical performance like lipsyncing and runway modeling.Things haven’t gotten better for I have continued to experience first hand ostracization by my family and social institutions that have left me in dilemma,  suicidal thoughts,homeless emotional blackmaile and violence.

Despite all this I am smiling through the rain for I know there are so many LGBTQ young folks who look at me as their source of strength and inspiration.”